: Conway Farm Goats :

Lorrie’s goat raising adventure began in 1974 with her first Nubian goat; a flashy moon-spotted kid named Misty.  The antics of this pair of ‘kids’ created wonderful memories that Lorrie shared with her own daughter’s Ashley & Amber in the form of stories she called ‘rememberies’.  The young Conway girls were so taken by the stories of the charming goat kid and how much joy she had brought their mother as a child, that when it was time to choose a 4-H project, goats were on the top of the list. This began round-two of goat raising for Lorrie and this time she drug a few (willing) victims into the adventure.

We now maintain a pampered herd of beautiful Nubians that we affectionately refer to as ‘the girls’.  Our boutique Grade A dairy demands that these does are both productive and beautiful, but make no mistake,  they are lovingly cared for to ensure that they are happy and healthy.  This guarantees that they provide the best quality milk for drinking and making cheese and ice cream.

We hope you will contact the farm if you have any questions about our goats or goat milk products.  We are always happy to answer questions.

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Goat Information

Have a question about goats?  Feel free to contact the farm for more information.