Conway Family Farm

: Mouth-Watering Blueberries :

Give us a call for availability for 2022 picking! We are making reservations again this year, but sadly, our berry crop is very limited.  Too much cold weather.   

Our tiny groomed field of approximately 200 blueberry plants produces an abundance of mouth-watering organically produced berries for you to add to your freezer.  Our blueberry season typically begins around July 10th and continues through approximately August 5th of each year.  

Most people enjoy our relaxed U-pick system.  We provide buckets for you to pick into and boxes for you to take home in (we welcome you recycling your boxes if you come back several times throughout the season).

We ask that you respect a few basic guidelines when visiting your farm.

We’re sorry, but we don’t have raspberries or strawberries–just blueberries!