Conway Family Farm

: Mouth-Watering Blueberries :

2023 Blueberry season is expected to begin around July 10th, 2023! This year things are changing a bit for us.  As much as we have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people, we will only be offering fresh picked berries this year.

Our tiny field of approximately 200 blueberry plants produces an abundance of mouth-watering organically produced berries for you to add to your freezer.  We don’t use any sprays.  Our blueberry season typically begins around July 10th and continues through approximately August 5th of each year.  

Most people enjoy browsing our little farm stand for additional delicious treats and then taking a box of berries home.  We are definitely not the least expensive berries, but we hope you will agree that they are worth every penny.

We’re sorry, but we don’t have raspberries or strawberries–just blueberries!