Conway Family Farm 

: This is Us :


Shaun & Lorrie carefully attend to the pampered dairy goats, sheep and chickens that share their farm.  They enjoy creating beauty in their gardens and delicious cheese and ice cream with the help of the spoiled goats, whom they affectionately refer to as “The Girls”.

Shaun spent his childhood helping his grandfather, a skilled carpenter and craftsman, and Shaun shares his talent in building everything that the farm needs.  He is the master of the farm maintenance tasks.  Lorrie loves creating new cheeses, or seasonally-inspired ice cream flavors with their delicious farm fresh milk, planning and tending the gardens and dreaming up new ideas that make the farm more efficient, and Shaun is always happy to oblige by making it all happen.

Shaun & Lorrie have full-time off-farm jobs, so they carefully share farm tasks to make sure the farm is run as a sustainable business and that the animals, land, and facilities are cared for with absolute

attentiveness. Together, they balance a love of animals, hard work, creating beauty and healthy food while joyfully sharing the bounty from the farm with others.  They believe that the farm is simply theirs to borrow and that they have a responsibility to ensure its care and health for the next generation of farmers. Shaun & Lorrie feel blessed to share this passion together, and in turn, to share it with you!  Conway Farm is truly our labor of love.