: About the Farm :


Lorrie and Shaun Conway at entrance to farm

We are the proud stewards of a 5 acre farm tucked away on Livingston Mountain in Southwest Washington just 35 minutes from Portland,Oregon. Formerly a portion of a prune orchard, we have slowly transitioned the land to a sustainable goat dairy and creamery. With its lush pastures,  gently wooded hillsides and mountain views, this farm is our dream come true. We are dedicated to creating only specialty farmstead products; milk, cheeses, ice cream, flowers, honey and more.  Producing only the highest quality products is our priority. By focusing on intensive care of the herd, soil fertility, animal health, and quality breeding we are able to produce an impressive amount of products on our modest farm. We are passionate about what we do and believe small farms are essential to the health of our food supply!