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This Month on the Farm

November/December 2014

Given that it is closer to the end of November than the beginning, I am going to call this a November/December update and try to cover my bases until the end of the year.  Who knows; I may get motivated to get another quick note up before 2015 comes to stay, but just in case, here goes the Turkey Day-Christmas edition of Conway Family Farms update.

I was just reading my (painfully outdated) October posting and realized that I was gushing about sitting on the porch in 70 degree weather when I wrote it.  Wow, did that ever go by the wayside!  Last week was bitter here.  Between the howling wind, freezing temps, no electricity (but more importantly to me-NO INTERNET) for more than 24 hours, it is fair to assume that those beautiful autumn days have left us for another year.   The farm looks like a bomb hit it.  We have windfall everywhere.  Shaun and I did cleanup last weekend and barely made a dent.  The good news (if you can call it that) is that I was having a very difficult time getting motivated to pull down my hanging baskets which were still gorgeous, but the frigid wind took care of that…they are down now!

The barns fared the stormy weather well.  The does all decided to come into heat during the thick of that bad weather.  Many of them were bred to the Boer buck during that time.  At one point, as Shaun was marking down the latest breeding on the white board, he made the fatal mistake of counting the number of does that we have bred---21….you should have seen his face.  It was priceless as he asked, “How did that happen?”  Oops, maybe he should have paid a little closer attention to how many he had drug down to the lower barn for an evening romantic interlude, huh?  And we haven’t even gotten to our 4 A.I. does scheduled for about December 5th.  ADGA has this wonderful little planned breeding tool on their website and Shaun and I have been having WAY too much fun looking at what semen we have in the tank and who we could breed to whom.  …and how do you spend your winter evenings?  Certainly not as exciting as that, right?

We have all the ewes bred.  Their wooly boyfriend is headed back home the day after Thanksgiving and then we can just settle into gestating through the winter.  The woodpile and hay pile are in fairly good shape, so hibernation sounds like a good plan.

November…the month of Thanksgiving.  I am feeling quite a bit of gratitude as we slip into the holiday season this year.  First of all, the slower pace that comes with the shorter days is a welcome gift this year.  I am feeling unusually weary this autumn.  Might be because our ‘other’ work has been extraordinarily hectic this year, but whatever the case, the time plopped down in my favorite chair next to the fire with Helen curled up on the hearth rug feels better than normal.   I am also very thankful for all the exciting things that we experienced this past year and especially thankful for the not so exciting things, but the normal everyday things that make our life so special.  I am grateful for our daughters who continue to stay involved in the farm even with their crazy busy lives and I am grateful for my family that supports our little farming adventure—I always love talking ‘shop’ with my parents. 

As we roll toward December, one of the most exciting days of the year is quickly approaching for us.  I bet you think I am talking about December 25th, don’t you?   Not here!  Here on our farm, December 15th is far more exciting than December 25th.  Why, you ask?  Because, on December 15th we go to once-a-day milking until our first does freshen mid-January.  It is VACATION!!!!!  For us, that little break for 30 days re-energizes us enough to be ready to rock and roll when the girls start kidding.  It might not seem like much to most, but you have NO idea what a fantastic break it is for Shaun and I after 10 years of milking 365 days a year....those 30 days each year when it is only one time a day feel like we have gained an additional three hours a day.  It is fantastic!....and Christmas is pretty okay too…

Until next month, from our farm to yours we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope that you too are able to remember those special blessings in your life, no matter if you are a farming family or not.  Wishing you all warm blessings until next month


Shaun & Lorrie

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