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Great Open-Farm on July 12th and we enjoyed our visit from Portland Parks & Recreation on July 17th.  We hope you all come back again to see what we have going on that is new and different.

Next up: Clark County Fair!!!!!


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7 A.M-6 P.M.


What WE provide:

  1. Buckets for picking

  2. Boxes for taking

  3. A groomed field

  4. Restroom facilities

  5. A comfortable self-serve system


What YOU provide:

  1. Close watch of small kiddos

  2. Respect and care for our berry plants

  3. MODEST sampling

  4. Care in picking so no berries are wasted

  5. Careful following of directions.

To all of our current BERRY AND MILK customers, we appreciate your loyalty and recommendations for our farm fresh milk and delicious blueberries! If you new to our farm website and are interested in becoming a customer, please contact the farm to be placed on our e-mail alert list.

Just  a reminder....

as much as we enjoy visitors, this is a working farm and we ask that you please contact the farm prior to dropping by and please remember that the farm is closed for business on Sunday!

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This Month on the Farm

                                                                                   July 2014

It is July!  Do you know how I know?  Because we spent last weekend stuffing the haylofts full of our winter hay! I absolutely LOVE the smell of the barns filled with hay…it is just a little effort to get it there.

Things here on the farm are in full-swing.  The days start at 5:00 and last night we flopped into bed at 11:00.  It feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to keep up with watering, rotating, cheesemaking, critter care, berries, weeding, gardening and (trying to be) gracious to our great customers….and then we have the ‘other’ jobs too.  What a wild and crazy life we live.

Our spring luck gave us a couple new swarms of honey bees.  We actually had three swarms, but ran out of boxes, so we had to give one away.  :(  We are delighted that these little critters want to take up residence with us here at the farm.

We wrapped up our kidding season toward the end of June.  Our Nubian breedings almost skunked us.  We have one (VERY SPOILED) little Nubian replacement doe.  Her name is Ivy and she is a little stinker.  Her brother, Oakly, is (perhaps) the luckiest boy to be born on this place for a long time. Ivy needs a companion until she is big enough to move in with the does, so Oakly, will continue to reside here until that time.  He will be a very spoiled little wether goat. 

Lucy was our last kidding for the season, so now we have milk and cheese production in high-gear.  It is nice to be done with kidding.  We always stress a bit about what could go wrong.  Glad to have another year behind us and we are already actively planning what we will be doing next year for breedings. 

Our annual Linear Appraisal was held on June 21st.  It is the one day of the year that Shaun and I simply enjoy our time with our goats.   We get to really evaluate each doe and it helps us decide who stays and who might not.  We were very pleased with our outcomes.  Although we aren’t inclined to post our scores, suffice it to say, we felt affirmed that we are continuing to improve and that we have some VERY beautiful as well as VERY productive Nubian goats! 

The blueberries have just turned the past week.  They are huge!  Some are almost the size of a penny.  I am so proud of us; we already have 20 pounds in our freezer.  I am ashamed to say, last year, in all our summer busyness, we didn’t put a single blueberry in our freezer.  Now that is pitiful!  We promised ourselves we weren’t going to do that again this year, so picking has become part of our evening chores. provides us with an opportunity to chase Dolly Doe out of the field! First year EVER that we have had a problem with deer and they are quite brazen and relentless this year.  We give permission for all pickers to come equipped with scaring tools and do so freely, but deer only please.  :)

July is such a great month for all the flowers and gardens.  I noticed this morning that some of the dahlias are about to start blooming.  The baskets have filled out and are adding so much beautiful color to the farm.  It feels like we work so hard to get it to this point and then we don’t have time to enjoy it.  Still hoping that this year is a little better…more porch sitting, less working!

So it is going to be another teaser month . Still not willing to share our news that we piqued your interest with last month.  It has been a long time coming for me (like about 40 years), so I want to make sure I don’t say anything too prematurely.  There is a story that goes with the news, so I guess you will all have to check back in August to hear all about it.

Until then, enjoy your flowers, come to the farm and pick some berries, spend time watching your critters chew their cud (fun fact: when completely content, they will chew 60-61 times before swallowing…pathetic truth: I have actually counted), and enjoy some wonderful summer walks.


Shaun & Lorrie

Our commitment to agriculture is your connection to a healthier lifestyle.



Conway Family Farms


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