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Come visit the farm on September 20th, 2014

(10:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.)

For the Clark County WSU Small Acreage HARVEST CELEBRATION!

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This Month on the Farm

September 2014

Well, we have been (not so) patiently waiting EVERY DAY for our ‘news’ to arrive in the mailbox.  I simply must have it in print before I say anything out loud…and as of this (LATE) September update, we are still waiting!  ***sigh***…I guess the one thing that I can say is that I have waited over 40 years for this, so a few more days certainly isn’t going to kill me and your wait wasn’t nearly as long as mine! :)  I promise to post on Facebook and update the Website as soon as we get the official word.  The suspense keeps you coming back, right? 

Not really sure how September managed to arrive and slip half way through, but considering we are mid-way through the month, I guess it happened didn’t it?  The tell-tale sign for me is the rising sense of panic that Shaun has on a daily basis of how NOT ready for winter we are.

We had grand illusions of getting all of our alfalfa hay in by the end of August.  As of this writing, we don’t have a single bale in the hay loft.  Shaun has good reason to panic…I am a little panicky too.  Not only is our hayloft devoid of hay, our woodshed  lacking wood too!   One of these years we are going to actually get it right…I hope!  Needless to say, what is on the agenda for the rest of the month (right after the Annual WSU Harvest Celebration this weekend) is winter preparation. 

The first batch of girls have gone to the lower barn for the annual fall ‘love-fest’ with the Boer buck.  This breeding system has worked fairly well for us the past several years.  We breed all of our new up-and-comer mommies to the meat buck for early babies (mid-January through mid-February).  That gives us a little milking break down to once a day milking from December 15th until the kids start to arrive.  Let me tell you, we LIVE for December 15th.  By the time we get there, we are ready to prop our feet up and slow down a bit.  Having chores go from HOURS to less than an hour in the evening feels like we have died and gone to heaven…especially in the dark, cold, wet (sometimes snowy) days that we get during that time of the year.

Our breeding plans for the sheep are up in the air.  Goodness, we need to get rollin’ on that.  As for the rest of the does, we have our plan, so now the fun part is seeing what actually happens.  Our plan always looks really good on paper, but then quickly spirals into ‘mother-nature adjustment mode’ when we realize we have absolutely NO control over anything.  In the end, it always works out, so we aren’t worried.

Cheese cave project continues.  We now have the top tier done and a little landscaping in.  Perhaps it won’t be as much of an eye-sore this winter.  My trip down from the doe barn this morning showed a beautiful green carpet of baby grass on the lower tier and around the edges.  Should grow in nicely before winter!

We managed to salvage our hanging baskets from our annual blazing wind.  It happens every year; 60 mph and 90 degrees.  It fries everything we have worked so hard on all summer.  Not this year.  When the breeze started we moved all the baskets and pots into the garage (and moved our cars out…you can clearly see our priorities) to save them from the wind.  We wanted a chance to enjoy them for another month or so.  Mission accomplished! Nothing fried and we moved them back out as soon as the wind died down. Honestly though, no matter how hard I try, no picture can seem to capture how beautiful they are. The dahlias, however, didn’t fare as well in the wind.  :(

This weekend (September 20th) is your last chance this year to visit the farm and hear about what we do.  We want to invite everyone to participate in the Harvest Celebration this coming weekend.  There are several WONDERFUL farms here in SW Washington and this event highlights them and allows people to visit them.  We want to personally invite you to our farm and encourage you to visit as many of the other farms as possible.  This is a really wonderful opportunity to get a first-hand look at what it takes to get your food to your fork! Click here for details.  We will begin a walking/learning tour of our farm at 11:00 with plenty of time for discussion and questions. We plan to visit each area of our farm and talk about what we do and how we do it... including (for the agile) a look into our underground cheese cellar.  It will conclude about 2:30 with cheese tasting.  

So there it is; still no ‘big news’, but you are up-to-date with what we are doing here at the farm.  We hope to see you all next weekend for a visit and check back for an update soon! 


Shaun & Lorrie

Our commitment to agriculture is your connection to a healthier lifestyle.



Conway Family Farms


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