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August 2014

Ahhhh….August!  The very best part of summer!!!  Everything is in full bloom; the gardens are spectacular.  The fair season is in full-swing and even though we are still hoppin’, we tend to take a few slower days and enjoy the sun and all it has to offer. 

This update is a bit late as our Clark County Fair has been our entertainment for the past week or so.  What a wonderful change for us.  No responsibility, no fussing…just plain fun!  We were able to enjoy watching all those great 4-H kids work so hard to show their animals and then see them progressively decline to a state of toxicity as we moved further and further into the fair—it is easy to smile at it now that our kids are grown.  Ten days is a very long time of up early, working hard, constant activity and going to bed late for grown-ups and kiddos alike. :)

We had the privilege of helping out with our Open Class Dairy Goat show and thoroughly enjoyed watching all the beautiful animals that visit our fair.  What a wonderful example of fine livestock for the public to see.  No matter how much time passes or what our level of involvement, the Clark County Fair will always remain a very special place for everyone in our family and we treasure each and every one of the people that have become our fair family.  That was profoundly punctuated last night as we wandered the fair (late) laughing and reminiscing with so many of those special people. It is absolutely ‘Summers Best Party’!

Since our responsibilities at the fair were much less this year, it allowed us some additional bonus time to get some projects moving closer to done.  The never-ending cheese cave project saw progress!  We managed to get the stone facing on and worked more on the retaining walls and tiered landscaping on top of it. I swear, if I had known this project was going to be so huge, it might not have seemed like such a great idea.  I think part of the problem is, in all our handiness, Shaun and I DESPISE concrete work.  Every time we attempt it, we end up grousing at each other.  We actually geared up thinking the facing project would be ‘fun’.  It was kind of artsy.  We would need to be a little creative.  We were both excited to get going on it and do something new and different.  I will spare you all the details, but suffice it to say, by the time we reached the last stone of the facing we were barely speaking to one another!  NOT a fun project…but we are pleased with the way it is coming along.

The veggie garden has been a mixed bag this year.  We started so many plants (from seed) in our new greenhouse and we were looking forward to a fabulous garden.  We put all our little pepper plants out in the raised beds when they were about 6 inches tall.  That was sometime around early May.  I am not sure how to tell you this, but they remain about 6 inches tall as we turn the bend into mid-August.  No idea what happened, but talk about disappointing.  We planted greens at least three separate times with little to no germination and again, have no idea.  We have never had problems with greens; why this year?  Who knows.  ….and then we have the deer.  Oh my goodness!  We have never had problems with deer like we have had this year.  It has been frustrating beyond words.  Yes, we know our garden fence isn’t 6 feet tall and yet, in the 20+ years that we have had our garden in the same spot with the same fence, we have never had deer problem…until this year.  Those brazen does have hopped every fence and gone about destroying our gardens, blueberries, hostas…basically everything that we work so hard to maintain.  So, guess what? Venison is on the menu, my friends! We are not ‘killing’ people, but I am totally okay with eliminating some of those naughty destroyers! The only good news is the many pounds of beautiful ripe tomatoes that I plucked from the vines this morning and put in my garden hod.  That almost made up for all of the problems.

We had a few people (at fair) ask about our surprise that I have been teasing you each month with.  Disappointingly, it will have to wait for another few weeks.  We thought we would be able to share in this update, but for a variety of reasons, we still need to keep it under wraps.  I suppose, to be fair, I should just warn everybody, this is really probably not all that spectacular.  It is just something that is important to me. I promise to give you the entire whole story to help you understand exactly what it means to me….so by this time next month…I promise…

On-tap for this month is getting ready for winter.  It feels a bit sad to say that while I am relaxing on the back patio in 90 degree weather writing this, but that seems to be the insightful reality of farm life.  You are always preparing for the next season.  We hope that as we bring August to a close, we will have our haylofts full of our winter alfalfa. 

We want to encourage everyone to come on out to the farm in September for the Harvest Celebration.  Each year we participate in this wonderful event which is sponsored through the WSU Small Acreage program, but we often don’t promote it fully.  We SO enjoyed sharing our farm during our July Open Farm event and we want everyone that is interested to have another opportunity to come and visit Conway Family Farms and (hopefully) get some ideas about what to do (or what not to do…like…maybe a cheese cave) on their farm.  The date is Saturday, September 20, 2014  from 10:00-3:00 p.m.  We are planning to offer an informative farm walk-about or you are free to explore the farm at your leisure…but please make sure you are here at the end of the day for our cheese tasting opportunity.  You won’t want to miss a chance to try some of our cheese experiments!

So with that my friends, wishing you wonderful long summer evenings, great goat-burger BBQ’s, wonderful garden veggies and success in your winter preparations.


Shaun & Lorrie

Our commitment to agriculture is your connection to a healthier lifestyle.



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